Musk Brewing know-how on a home-brew scale

by | July 20, 2017 | News |

Mark Roberts is one of Musk’s Senior Process Engineers and a key support for our Alcoholic Beverage Team and advises and assists many of our Craft Brewing customers across UK and Ireland. As his 50th birthday approached this summer, Mark embarked on a project in his own time to develop a Mini-Brewery to produce high quality home-crafted beer. The concept of the design for the Mini-Brewery was based on a Musk Infusion Mash and Kettle/Whirlpool, using the same engineering principles of a full scale Brewhouse but in miniature.

Mark’s #50 T-shirt specially printed by

The Mini-Brewery comprises of:

  • Hot Liquor Tank with pump and batch flowmeter
  • Mash Tun with rotating sparge arm and false bottom floor
  • Wort Grant, which doubles as a Hop Aroma Pot during Whirlpool run off
  • Kettle/Whirlpool with electric External Wort Boiler
  • Wort paraflow



The External Wort Boiler (EWB) with tangent inlet had proved to be very successful in the brews carried out so far. The Mini-Brewery has been in full production in preparation for the inaugural #50 Beer Festival in July 2017. The Russian Imperial Stout brewed has even been entered into the National Thornbridge Home Brew Competition.

To further develop his Technical Brewing knowledge Mark sat the IDB General Certificate in Brewing in 2016 and Musk will continue to support him through the IBD Diploma in Brewing.